Information is at the centre. Data & Analytics.


Crystal Delta’s data and analytics teams and services operate according to our simplified enterprise architecture model.

In our model, Information is at the centre. Ultimately, all businesses operate with this core currency. No matter how complex the enterprise architecture is, each component needs information inputs, and also outputs information.


Data Consulting

Crystal Delta’s data consultants are versed in both management of data and the business applicability of data. They can assist internal data and business information teams to uplift the level of data driven decisions with your organisation.

The data consulting services span the full lifecycle of data and how it is integrated to benefit the business. The key pillars of the service are:

Data Review

An audit of your existing business data landscape+ recommendations

Data Triage

Identifying the data you use, you could be using, and the new data you need

Data Architecture

Assisting you with a blueprint for a business optimised data layer structure

Data Governance

Putting in place the policies and procedures for data management

Data Engineering

Crystal Delta’s data engineers have cut their teeth working on some of the largest transformation projects across banking and finance, telecommunications, mining and resources, and government sectors. Furthermore they keep up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in cloud-based data systems that can scale to meet the needs of start-ups and blue chip companies alike.

Data Systems

Implementing the data systems that make up the backbone of a data driven business

Data Integration

Building effective connections between data systems for timely movement of data

Data Management

Implementing and configuring the tools for data movement through its lifecycle

Data Visualisations

Building Business Intelligence reports and custom dashboards that aid business decisions

Actionable Analytics Service

Actionable analytics are data points that are designed to have a direct influence on business decisions. In many organizations, the analytics capability is laborious and time-consuming and therefore can only be applied to longer-term strategic decisions.


Designing the reports that are timed to best serve key business decisions and drive business outcomes


Mapping trends in historical data to project future possibilities and better prepare the business

Integrated Analytics

Augmenting existing business information systems with key business data for easier consumption

Bespoke Apps

Enhancing the business processes and corporate culture through data-rich apps for daily use

Advanced Analytics Service

There are many exciting developments in the domain of advanced analytics, and no less the progress that has been made in bringing the fringe of the analytics spectrum closer to mainstream. Most of the well known platforms such as Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, FedEx, Netflix, use advanced analytics to optimise their operations and enhance the customer experience.

Learning Analytics

Machine learning and deep learning systems to generate insights from large and diverse data sets

Behavioural Analytics

Development of advanced algorithms to model and predict individual and group behaviours

Analytics Labs

Establishing labs within organisations to coach and grow their advanced analytics skills

Artificial Intelligence

Developing independent business decisioning systems operating with high levels of scrutiny

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