In the wonderful world of advancing technology, 2021 is loaded with disruptions and advancements alike. From 5G rolling out in Australia to technology delays due to COVID-19, we cover 3 technology disruptors headed your way in 2021.


5G Will Go Mainstream

5G is on its way, and good timing too! With a majority of Australian’s still working from home, having a stable connection to collaborate with their international counterparts is a priority. With digital collaboration, telecommunication and videoconferencing instead of face to face meetings, speed is only ever our friend.

5G will be particularly useful for tools like IoT and its users. About 51% of organisations utilising IoT have noticed an improved insight into customer needs, practices, and inclinations. What are the potential challenges utilising 5G are we to face in the year to come? Security has been an ongoing concern, with privacy, supply chain integrity, and access to service provider networks at the top of the list. Other concerns, include:

  • Number of different types of connected devices
  • Multiple networks being used on the same hardware, creating pressure
  • Number of different corporate networks we need to access
  • Overall volume of devices (exclusive of type)
  • Complicated business ecosystem (suppliers and customers)

It will be interesting to see how 5G differs from current network speeds and how it changes our work pace and experience.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI has been an opportunity for organisations to grasp for some time now, but it still has a long way to go. Artificial intelligence helps businesses understand the changing nature of human habits, behaviours, and outliers in datasets. AI developments result in more sophisticated algorithms, aiding organisations to adapt to new trends and make better decision making.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning contribute significantly to automation and robotics and support industries in a variety of ways. Those in the banking sector have the ability to use AI to transform the customer experience by enabling frictionless, 24/7 customer interactions.

With AI making countless decisions and calculations, what happens when it goes wrong? Ethical AI has been an ongoing discussion, with organisations adopting machine learning for its technical advancements, paying no mind to its ethical impact. According to Forrester, the next decade will require CIOs to both respond to digital acceleration and proactively manage uncertainty, all with ethical use of Artificial Intelligence.


Cloud Computing will continue to Evolve

In the next five years, the cloud computing industry is expected to grow from $371.4 billion in 2020 to $832.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 17.5%. Although cloud computing is a budget saver on ongoing costs, organisations need to invest in improving security integrations, compliance, and privacy. There are two changes we expect to see in cloud computing in 2021:

Enterprises will continue to adopt hybrid and multi-cloud strategies

With cloud now a staple in an organisations tech stack, optimising costs and budgeting accordingly will be crucial. IT professionals are seeking out hybrid and multi cloud tools to reduce risk of being locked in to a specific provider. 

CIOs who are looking to adopt a multi-cloud strategy need to first decide what specific issues they need to address. Do you need to focus on functionality, procurement, portability, or risk mitigation when adopting a hybrid cloud strategy?

Augmented reality (AR) will support cloud growth and keep employees trained

As enterprises retool their cloud management processes, the adoption of augmented reality tools to deliver training and guidance to cloud technical staff will be required. Although the year has changed, COVID-19 still remains a pandemic, with organisations working from home, some making this a permanent decision.

Innovative approaches such as augmented reality are the only way organisations will be capable of training employees in large volumes, with geographical differences and social distancing still in play.


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