With remote working still at play in most countries, employing new team members to manage upcoming projects can lead to extensive delays. The changing of regulations per state, country, and region surrounding COVID-19 pose continual challenges for internal IT teams, exhausting resources and delaying projects that drive business forward.

Technology specialists are vital in any business, managing security, allocation of equipment to remote workers, while continually working on new and upcoming projects. Here are five benefits of outsourcing your technology needs to Crystal Delta.

Stay within Budget with Cost-Effective Solutions

Managed Technology Service Providers employ a team of experts with in-depth knowledge and experience across all facets of technology. Gain the benefits of IT expertise and skills beyond your budget, adding value to your business operations.

Outsourcing technology gives you access to best-of-breed technologies with managed technology service providers continually investing in software that would typically not be feasible for SMBs to acquire or regularly update. This leaves organisations vulnerable when using inferior tools.

Improved Security and Regular Audits

There is an extensive amount of information surrounding the pandemic, and with it comes phishing scams and cyber attacks. Even the simplest forms of protection like multi-factor authentication can provide better security than most organisations currently have. In fact, only 8% of Australian businesses are adopting best practices in data security and protection.

At Crystal Delta, we pride ourselves on the highest standards of security across our platforms, solutions, and teams. Leveraging a technology service provider gives you the most updated in security and data protection practices, along with continual auditing to ensure you’re always secure.

A Trusted Partner to Help You Scale

Whether you’re an SMB or an Enterprise, it’s important to build your technical solutions with scalability in mind. How many organisations have you worked for that still run legacy systems? Why haven’t they transitioned to a modern solution? The likely answer is it works for past and present requirements, but is not suitable to integrate with new systems. 

Partnering with a Managed Technology Service Provider ensures your next solution is future proofed and built to last as you continue to scale. This keeps your organisation ahead of the curve, so you can adapt and evolve without technology slowing you down.

Best-of-Breed Technology Implemented the Right Way

It’s common that sometimes technology follows employees. There are over 100,000 software companies in the world and it’s likely your senior employees will favour a certain one… but is it the most suitable solution for your organisation?

Using a Technology Service Provider offers you a third-party perspective on choosing the right tools and solutions to best suit your needs. Your technology is implemented by specialists, along with training to support your internal team.

24/7 Support & Monitoring

To keep your business running efficiently, IT systems need to be available 24/7. What happens when a system goes down on a public holiday or outside of business hours? Internal teams tend to suffer from this issue most frequently, forcing employees to work outside of designated hours.

Managed Technology Service Providers have a dedicated helpdesk support and monitoring team to resolve these out-of-hours issues for you. 24/7 support and IT resolution is vital for your customer experience. In banking for instance, customers that are unable to access their bank accounts can cause huge disruptions in their day-to-day lives. It’s a rare scenario, but the ramifications are huge if the response time is slow.

Choosing the right IT Consultants (or Technology Providers) can be challenging. Make sure you understand what it is you need before reaching out to providers. Crystal Delta is a global software engineering practice specialising in banking, finance, and education. Contact us today for more information on how we can support your digital acceleration.